Four Felted Slippers

On this day, which happens also to be Jared’s & my 2nd-and-a-half anniversary, I will tell you about a risky proposition I made. I’d previously made three pairs of French Press Felted Slippers, but they were all for either my feet or someone with feet more or less the same size as mine. This year I took on the challenge of cranking out two pairs, but this time they were for a size 5 foot and a size 9 foot.

This is tricky because when you felt these babies in a washing machine, you’re supposed to figure out when they’re done felting by pulling them out and trying them on your foot. Without someone of the appropriate foot size at hand, I had to do some serious guesstimation. The white shoes, for sis Leah of the flipper feet, I could just try on my foot and pull them out when they were a little bigger than my foot. That sorta worked. But the red shoes, for sis-in-law Carina of the dainty-but-soccer-cleated feet, I had to trust the “finished measurements” in the pattern for a guide.

The pattern said that the finished size for a 5 is 8 1/2″. That is really small, folks. But I dutifully had a tape measure stationed next to the washing machine, pulling them out every five minutes until I accepted that they weren’t going to get any shorter, toe to heel, than 9″.

That probably would have been okay.

Then I got fresh. Then I saw them sitting on my kitchen counter, taking forever to dry, and I saw my steam radiators, burning my leg whenever I brushed by them. And I decided to dry them on the radiators.

This cut the drying time, which is usually about three days, down to about 12 hours, and left the slightest singe marks on the soles of the white slippers. I can now barely get the white ones on my feet. As of this writing, two days before Christmas, they are finished and wrapped. If they are too small, I have plan… It involves a warm foot soak while wearing slippers.

Update: Now that the slippers have been gifted, I can tell you they fit perfectly! This is a relief. I am hoping my two lovely sisters are not just overwhelmed by Christmas optimism and gratitude in telling me they fit, and that if they are uncomfortable they do soak them until they are comfortable. But they look cute and their recipients seem duly pleased.

(Crimson for Carina, who got four pairs of footwear for Christmas this year – including two other pairs of slippers. Hey, it’s flippin’ cold in State College.)

(And Lily for Leah who has promised to sweep every day. Or not.)

Bonus! A third sisterly present, knit entirely at the last possible moment:

A fuzzy grey ganomey hat (another EZ pattern from Knitter’s Almanac, in a very old bulky angora blend from Crystal Palace called “Thumper”) with ears for Bethany, who is desperately in love with wolves at this moment in her nine-year-old life.

It’s a little coneheaded, but I don’t think she’s taken it off since Christmas, so I doubt she minds.

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