And a Fuzzy Pair of Fingerless Mitts

Merry Christmas to all! Huzzah and hooray! Today is Christmas which means that by the time you get around to reading this, all the bazillion knitted things I’ve been knitting and not showing you have gone out to their respective recipients, and you get visual proof that I haven’t secretly developed a wool allergy. I truly enjoyed last year, when I spread my gifty presentation over the twelve days of Christmas, so I’m doing the same this year – but this time, my mum will be adding a couple contributions, and I’m including a couple of gifts just for y’all. Er… yinz.

The place of the tree-trapped partridge is taken by this pair of fingerless mitts. The pattern is Sweet Life, a free pattern on ravelry, and the yarn was my last green skein of Second Chance DK, which happened to be a fun blend of wool, nylon, and angora that was plenty for one longish pair in the small size, which just fit my little-ish hands.

The pattern is sort of odd – If you do it, you will find them curving strangely as you functionally only work two rows on the top for every three on the palm, but it flattens out when actually on the hand. I think normally the honeycomb pattern would pop more in a rounder yarn, but this flattened out (Good to know; it’s hard to find the right amount of twist when I re-ply these recycled yarns). As it is, I was happy with the subtle effect, especially with the grey-green semi-solid variations in the yarn.

These are happily warming the hands of Casey Todd at Breezy Willow Farm. Miss you Casey!

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