The Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever

This has been one heck of a year. Whenever I stop to think about it, I just have to shake my head. Now that it’s almost over, and I have a fine collection of minutes put together in which to breathe and think, I’m almost afraid to reflect on everything that’s happened. I’ve knitted something like 37 projects, most of them with multiple pieces. I participated in my first mystery knit-along at the beginning of the year, and I wrote my first mystery knit-along at the end of the year. I moved twice. I was pregnant twice. We changed jobs. We changed churches. We changed states. Who am I kidding? We changed lives.

It’s hard to believe we’re still us. When I look back at the people Jared and I were at the beginning of the year – well-employed, with lots of free time, few major responsibilities, and when my biggest worry was what we were having for dinner that week, I feel like I should have nothing in common with those people. But we have plenty in common… we’re still the same Osborns who knit too much, talk about sci-fi over the dinner table, and fart and think it’s funny. I had just as many worries then as I do now, I just handled them worse. I lived the same steady struggle of faith, striving and failing to walk day by day with Jesus. I have a few more grey hairs, and we’ve gained a few pounds, but we’re still those people… it turns out that a year can only do so much to you, if you live through it.

Christmas is two days away (sorry, for those of you who would rather not be reminded), and I’m giving you my new year’s post now because the OFS Christmas posts are their very own special yarny party which will take up twelve days and deserve not to be interrupted by my colicky naval-gazing.

My new year’s resolutions this year are simple. They’re qualitative, not quantitative. I can’t be a perfectionist about them, and I can’t give myself a gold star for them. They are just thoughts, general goals for the sort of person I would like to be when I look back at myself at the end of next year. It’s just three things – I want to worry less and pray more, talk less and listen more, and knit for myself less and for others more. No numbers. No diets. I’m not into diets, and numbers usually don’t make my brain work in healthy ways. Just a prayer that I must decrease, so Jesus can increase.

We’re starting our party the way we do every year that we can – by going to the Messiah Sing at the Kennedy Center in downtown DC. So drink some egg nog or wassail or Christmas sherry, and live to the fullest, incarnating Christ where you find yourself with unbridled joviality. Jesus came to save us, becoming one of us, going through everything we go through so He could redeem every heartache and bring every joy to its highest height in Himself. Sing with heaven and nature and look forward to His coming again!

4 thoughts on “The Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever

  1. Thanks for this, Rebecca. We are so blessed to have you among us at Grace Church and in Ambridge. The changing works on both sides, so we’re different as a result of knowing you. The best part is that we will be together forever at the purl-y gates one day. May you and Jared have a delightful Christmastide. See you next year!


  2. Thank you for giving me YOU in many, many ways. It’s been a beautiful walk with you, being your mom. You are one of the brightest, most interesting people I know. I’m sure this next year God will bless you and you will bless many! I love your goals for new years. Very special. For the first time ever, I might actually take on the New Year’s goal of more disciplined eating and exercise!


  3. Can I copy your resolutions? I love them! Although, I have to admit, I do tend to knit more for others anyway.

    And that comment, “incarnating Christ where you find yourself with unbridled joviality” calls to mind GK Chesterton. It just seems like something he would say.

    just found your blog via ravelry… really enjoy reading through it.


  4. You know, I have not read nearly enough Chesterton. I love the little that I’ve read, though! I am a Lewis addict, so that’s probably who I’m channeling 🙂 Thanks for reading! ~Rebecca


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