The Wool Is Gone

It’s a little odd that I am freakishy happy about that statement.

The “turkey” (chicken) is eaten, the leftovers piled high in the fridge, the family gone, the house quiet again, and we had a great time. I will tell you all about our fun tomorrow, as it was great times. I’m so thankful they came up here, thankful everything came off well, thankful everyone got to do something they liked, thankful to get to spend time together.

But you know what I am most thankful for this thanksgiving?

THE FLEECES ARE DONE. Not only done, but I was able to dye them all in time to recover my kitchen to cook Thanksgiving dinner. And all that after soaking a record 19 lbs of black beans at one go (i had 6 lbs of fleece to dye with it.

You see here every bowl or bowl-like object in my possession and every surface in my kitchen covered with beans in water. It got a little weird toward the end, no lie – getting up at 6:30 a couple of times (once to mash up thawing pokeberries, once to spoon bean juice into a dyepot, both times while still in my jammies), and last night covering the dinner table with fleece and setting up a fan overnight so they’d be dry enough to drive away in the morning.

Top to bottom: Turmeric on unknown wool, pokeberry on unknown wool (the something-or-other from two Tuesdays ago), pokeberry on jacob wool.

Top: Pokeberry (a perfect mix of fuscia and red – caught it at just the right moment!) on alpaca. Middle left: black bean on turmeric on alpaca. Middle right: black bean on alpaca. Bottom: black bean on turmeric on Sarah’s wool. It’s a lot less barf and a lot more neon-greenish-yellow than you can see in this picture.

My family graciously stuffed it in every available crevice of the minivan (along with the drum carder… sniff) and are even now making their way back to West Friendship to deliver it. I hope the folks at the farm love it to pieces, and have so much fun playing with it in their drum carder! Thinking about it is almost enough to make me want to get my own….

But not right now. I am savoring a few moments of freedom before the last push. Last night I got to spin.

4 thoughts on “The Wool Is Gone

  1. Way to go!!!!! So glad you got all that out of the house. We (means me) are cooking a turkey and some trimmings tomorrow as I realized that I have no leftovers. The hotel buffet was great for thanksgiving dinner but on friday morning I was looking for a turkey and cranberry sauce sandwich. UMMMMMMM So got a turkey. The bird is thawing out the rest of the way now on the counter and will cook tomorrow. Will also debone and get the meat ready to make turkey tetazzini. Love that recipe. Cream sauce with pasta and mushrooms and turkey meat then a cracker/cheese/butter topping…..yummy!

    Hope the spinning goes well!


  2. Seeing all the fleeces together was quite inspiring! They are beautiful and varried….I want to go to the Breezy Willows Farm craft sale weekend and buy one!

    We had an adventure finding the farm in the dark, but your dad was very patient, and so was Kevin. A couple phone calls got us there, and fleeces safely delivered. I also remembered to separate the envelope from the gift. However, Dad had packed the drum carder handle and accessories in a different place in the van, and forgot to get it out at delivery. So I’ll have to mail it or drive it there separately.

    Thank you again for being a wonderful hostess. We all had a delightful time!


  3. Hi, that’s my fiber you dyed! Thank you so much for your incredible work. The colors you chose are exactly what I would have. I took photographs of each bag and posted them on my blog. Would you mind telling me what you used to dye each one? I’m really curious. I saw you used black bean and pokeberry, but there are still so many varieties in color. I really love everything. I’ll give you some of the yarn once it’s spun so you can make something pretty with it. I still don’t know how to knit. You seem to be quite skilled at it, haha!

    Thank you again. If I can do anything for you, let me know. Here’s the link to my website:



  4. Mum: Goodness gracious thanks so much for dropping that stuff off for me. It was a huge help and I know the farm appreciates it too!

    McKenzie: *Squee!!* Thanks for speaking up! I would LOVE to see the yarn. I will toodle over to your blog to share details.


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