So then are Tuesdays for Torture?

Friday was for fleeces, but apparently Saturday was for being sick as a dog. So Sunday was for Sabbath, which leaves Monday for… making up. (Wasn’t that clever? Thanks, I thought that was clever.)

I found out last week that I have a week and a half to wash and dye the rest of the fleeces taking up basement space, so it’s been a frenzy of flying fiber over here. I got a good start on the dyeing, taking care of the rest of a grey fleece.

The top will be green when it’s carded, at least in theory. I won’t have a chance to do it myself. The bottom is lightly dyed with turmeric, which I think will look quite interesting blended with grey.

I managed to wash the rest of the fleeces (which thank God did not need to be picked over). This included a beautiful soft something-or-other:

What color should I make it? Green? Orange? Not sure.

I also put the two alpaca fleeces in the lot through the washer, one white and one a fantastic caramel.

Pictured with a little bit of blue from the same fleece as the dyed grey in the top picture. Not sure what color the white alpaca will become either…. Suggestions? I have until Thanksgiving to figure it out!

4 thoughts on “So then are Tuesdays for Torture?

  1. You made a pink fleece….did you ever make a red one? Do you have anymore poke berries? You haven’t made a brown one yet. Or a strong yellow. How about one with yellow AND brown for sort of a golden brown look?


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