Pumpkin Cake!

We carved our pumpkin way early this year. We bought one of the first pumpkins in the store, and we carved it on a quiet day, knowing well that it wouldn’t last till Halloween. We put it on the porch to freeze solid, now that it has a third eye. I think it’s creepy enough. … More Pumpkin Cake!

Done a Runner

This is the continuation – and probably the conclusion, for the present – of the sewing spree I’ve been on lately. Last night I completed my second quilting project, a table runner for our living room console. um… ok what is this piece of furniture called? IKEA called it a “console”; I think of it … More Done a Runner

Bench Cushions Redux

Some things are so nice, you make them twice. Sort of. I made these lovely bench cushions early this year. I was super pleased with how they turned out, and they greatly increased the comfort level for the bench-sitting crowd. However, they had a couple of engineering flaws. First, they were not washable. A major … More Bench Cushions Redux

Cabin Cushions

Remember when I finished that first couch cushion? I’m now on the other side of all ten cushions. Let me tell you the whole story. We have made some dear friends here in Rankin who let us use their cabin. In the sunroom of the cabin, they have some wicker outdoor furniture that makes it … More Cabin Cushions

My First Quilt

Yesterday we were blessed with the brightest rainbow I have ever seen. It was a triple; you can see the colors repeat under the main bow, and the faint double rainbow far above. It lingered while we played at the playground yesterday. Back home, we have another rainbow. I have been possessed by a new … More My First Quilt

Love Noticed

Poor Stringbean: every time I cast on a sweater, she moans. Another one? When for over a year now she’s been asking me for a sweater. Honestly kiddo, the real reason I keep knitting sweaters for myself is my stash! Most of my yarn and fiber that is in sweater quantities is older than my … More Love Noticed

Cake Be Happening

I am way into watching Craftsy classes right now, and my learnings are starting to make their way into reality. I picked a cake decorating class to watch, thinking “This will be nice entertainment that won’t tempt me to get into a new hobby.” Yeah, wrong. Truth is, I love learning how things are made, … More Cake Be Happening