Sugar and Screens

One really shouldn’t take up a Lenten discipline out of exasperation. But that’s what happened to us this year. Jared was out of town, and I was well and truly fed up with our little addictions and dependencies – mine as much as the kids’. I sent Jared a text, saying “We’re giving up sugar … More Sugar and Screens

Holy Week Sweater

After plugging away at this background project for a while, I found myself unexpectedly in a position of having a completed black sweater just in time for Holy Week. Staging a photo shoot with three children and a tripod has a few challenges, but we did our best. One-piece yoked sweaters work on the principle … More Holy Week Sweater


When I was a kid, or maybe a teenager, my mum told me a story about growing up. She said she was thirty-five years old when she was ironing one day, and realized she was content with her life. Or that she liked it. I don’t remember her exact words, but that story has cemented … More 35

March 2021 Roundup

Lent is nearly over. It’s been a good one, though our kids are looking forward very much to it being over. The main unintentional casualty of my Lenten discipline of reducing recreational screen use has been my blog. So, this record of what I’ve been up to this month will be a bit of a … More March 2021 Roundup

Big Mighty Hexies

MiniMighty’s quilt is done! This quilt is nominally much simpler than Stringbean’s or Dooner’s. But I really struggled with procrastination in putting it together. The very simplicity of it was unmotivating, somehow, although it was meant to make it a more reachable achievement. When the quilt top was finished, I was certainly very happy with … More Big Mighty Hexies

February 2021 Roundup

This has been an odd month. We’ve taken half the month of school for being between terms and Stringbean’s birthday, and we’re quite out of the habit. I’ve been doing lots of housekeeping and sewing, and frankly not much else. Sewing I’ve already regaled your with all my current hexagon based projects. I won’t review … More February 2021 Roundup

The Thaw

If you’re visiting this blog for the first time, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here, and I hope you enjoy what you find. This little spot is my virtual living room, so to speak, so feel free to make yourself comfortable. I do try to keep things tidy around here – at the bottom of … More The Thaw

Friendship Stars Quilted

Stringbean’s quilt followed a pattern by Christa Watson, from her Craftsy class “Startup Library: Quilting.” It’s a singularly well-designed project for an ambitious beginner, with lots of little touches that grow skills without adding difficulties. I know how difficult it is to design a piece like that! This was especially evident in the quilting. The … More Friendship Stars Quilted