Too Pretty to Wear

I finished a few really pretty things last week! First I’ll show you the Shakerag Top, by Amy Christoffers. This was a design I had eyed since it came out a few years ago, since before the name of the publication it’s in was changed to “Modern Daily Knitting.” I thought it would be a … More Too Pretty to Wear

Stash Toss 2023

When Rachel started talking about doing an accounting of her stash on the last episode of WnS, a little light went on in my brain. Ping! I was starting to feel that itch. Not of too much stash, actually, but of too many projects. I remember the last time I felt like this, about ten … More Stash Toss 2023

Dye Playtime

I’ve just finished the dye experiments that are taking me through chapter 3 of Color in Spinning by Deb Menz. I’m carefully documenting everything, taking lots of notes, but it’ll be a few months before it’s time to share that with you. But, after 53 oz of carefully controlled 1-oz exercises, I still had some … More Dye Playtime

Socks for Science

For the last year, I’ve regaled you with the stories of the handspun socks I’ve been knitting. On Wednesday, I cast off the last pair. Two pairs were for Stringbean and are already in circulation; these eleven are to become my new sock drawer. Mostly, I have discussed the colour handling in the sock yarns … More Socks for Science

Faux-Ikat Fabric

With my loom now set up in the playroom, I’m finding myself getting lots of weaving done. My new computer is the fastest in the house, so it’s also the best for playing computer games. We often play PC games as a family in the living room; this has migrated to the playroom. The seating … More Faux-Ikat Fabric

A Halloween Retraction

In my post about Halloween a few months ago, I said something offensive. There are plenty of things about Halloween that make me ambivalent. I’ll not go into them, because I do not wish to judge others for their choices in things that aren’t that important. (Unless you’re being unsafe. That’s not cool. Be safe.) … More A Halloween Retraction