I should now officially be down to one project. But I’m not. Many months ago – I think I first blogged about it last September – I decided to get my WIP problem under control. Seriously under control: I wanted to get down to having only one project on the needles. My reasons for doing … More Dalliance

Still Spinning My Wheels – Proverbially and Figuratively

It’s the feast of the Annunciation today. I’m still pregnant, though who knows if I will still be pregnant by the end of the day. Yesterday, our due date, came and went without much fanfare. I did find out I’ve been accepted as a postulant for ordination in the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh – a … More Still Spinning My Wheels – Proverbially and Figuratively

Stitching in Place

With all these food updates, you might wonder if I’ve forgotten how to knit. I wonder that myself some days, but the truth is that I have been knitting as much as ever. The trouble is, I can’t stick with one of these projects long enough to finish. I’ll be really into a project for … More Stitching in Place


Did you think I’d forgotten how to knit? Sorry dearies. The truth is, I have had precious little knitting time this month. No more classes to sit in + No books assigned to read + A lot of writing to do = not more than a few stitches here and there. Cooking is a little … More Rivendell

May Leaves Virtue

In random baby news, Naomi is the stairmaster. She has mastered the stairs.   Still no solo walking, but she takes on these steps like a champ. Up and down and up and down, with me her decreasingly nervous spotter. Thankfully she is also learning to obey Mama’s “Stay downstairs, please!” But I let her … More May Leaves Virtue


So, not much success at getting startitis under control. Two new projects in two days.   But that’s okay. Because I’m done. Finito. Last paper turned in. Woo. You know, I expected to feel relief at this point. And people keep asking me if I feel relieved. But I’m not sure what it was – … More Done.


I am in the thick of it, poppets. I’ve turned in nearly all of those little reports and things (just one more evaluation left to write), and one final research paper looms before me. I’ve checked out about thirty books, and I’m having a great time researching, but my brain is fried eggs on toast … More Weathered


Strider is a character that is meant to be a surprise. Nine chapters in, our four hobbit friends find themselves in the Prancing Pony, an inn at a town named Bree which seems to be the first genuinely intimidating bit of the world they’ve encountered. (This despite the fact that this is close enough to … More Strider