Monogamy: Abandoned

Well, I tried. It took me a year to whittle my out-of-control knitting hobby down to just one project. You’ve read the argument fifty times by now: I wanted to know what it was like to have just one project on the go. I wanted to feel like I had my hobby under control instead … More Monogamy: Abandoned

Out of Dunland

In all the world, I don’t think there is anything a human can craft with hands – well, at least that I can craft with hands –┬ámore beautiful┬áthan a lace shawl while it is being blocked. Evenstar is done. My pace accelerated as I got closer I got to the finish line, and I did … More Out of Dunland

Scroll Down for News

If you don’t care about yarn, scroll to the bottom for the punchline. I’ll save you the time. After a serious push, my 4-ply gradient cable yarn is done. The final moments of the second set of two-plies: Four beautiful balls of two-ply gradient, that I couldn’t stop staring at (at least, for the five … More Scroll Down for News


I should now officially be down to one project. But I’m not. Many months ago – I think I first blogged about it last September – I decided to get my WIP problem under control. Seriously under control: I wanted to get down to having only one project on the needles. My reasons for doing … More Dalliance

Still Spinning My Wheels – Proverbially and Figuratively

It’s the feast of the Annunciation today. I’m still pregnant, though who knows if I will still be pregnant by the end of the day. Yesterday, our due date, came and went without much fanfare. I did find out I’ve been accepted as a postulant for ordination in the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh – a … More Still Spinning My Wheels – Proverbially and Figuratively

Stitching in Place

With all these food updates, you might wonder if I’ve forgotten how to knit. I wonder that myself some days, but the truth is that I have been knitting as much as ever. The trouble is, I can’t stick with one of these projects long enough to finish. I’ll be really into a project for … More Stitching in Place