Clue #4 Done

I have a thing about earflaps. That is, I love them. As we saw last week, the Advent KAL hat doesn’t structurally need earflaps. But I couldn’t live without adding these ornamental earflaps, with the long I-cord braids that hang from them. Of course, you can make the braids as long as you like; I’ve … More Clue #4 Done

Clue #3 Done

It snowed most of the day today, and even stuck some. It was the perfect day to cuddle up with wool socks, hot coffee, and a space heater to crank out some Christmas presents. That’s not exactly what happened; I was working on Christmas presents, but there was no cuddling or knitting. It was mostly … More Clue #3 Done

Snowing Just for Me

We all have those days. In the wake of my loss, I found ways to move on, eventually. It changed me forever, but I wasn’t sad anymore. But there are still bad days. Fewer and farther between, but still bad. They’re usually triggered by something, some reminder, some event, that makes me come face to … More Snowing Just for Me

Advent Clue #1 Done

My first Advent 1 clue, blocking above and kitchnered below. The band is a slightly modified version of the “Wheat Ear” stitch, one of many which I tried out of Barbara Walker’s first treasury. The tight cables, 3×3 repeated over just four rows, went very well with the I-cord edge I knew I wanted, and … More Advent Clue #1 Done

Loss and Waiting

This is our story of grief. This is a necessary prequel for what I’ll be writing about Advent; for an explanation of why, see this post. Innocence. I was so happy. Jared was terrified out of his mind, but I was unspeakably happy. I didn’t realize how much I had longed for a child until … More Loss and Waiting