Clue #3 Done

It snowed most of the day today, and even stuck some. It was the perfect day to cuddle up with wool socks, hot coffee, and a space heater to crank out some Christmas presents. That’s not exactly what happened; I was working on Christmas presents, but there was no cuddling or knitting. It was mostly slaving over 30-year-old machinery and illegible instructions, and the coffee gave me a headache. The house’s main bathroom is being destroyed in an effort to install an actual shower in the house, but our friend who does the destroying (and hopefully later the fixing) let me cuddle with her dog. That made up for a lot.

So, this week’s clue! Week 3, I must confess, is my favorite. I worked hard to get the crown just right – figuring out funky ways to do decreases to continue the columns of twisted stitches, testing out different candle flames. And I love how the sudden, sharp decreasing makes for a bit of texture on top. Not to mention that at this point there is technically a completed hat. I knit two samples, and this one (knit from an early batch of Kirby Woolpaca in Sprout Sage) I left just as is without adding the last clue, which goes out tomorrow.

It’s hard to believe it’s only a week ’till Christmas. That means a couple of things – that I need to remember to call my dad tomorrow for his birthday, that it’s really time to get those cards in the mail, and that knitting-wise I am probably screwed. I’ve axed two more projects in favor of the ever-reliable Amazon, but I’ve still got most of a pair of socks and three toys to finish before the 25th. That doesn’t sound too bad, except I also have 2 papers, 2 days of work, and more random administrative tasks than I care to think about. I can’t really afford to lose a night to a headache.


3 thoughts on “Clue #3 Done

  1. Good luck getting everything finished!!! The hat looks GORGEOUS!

    Hope you enjoy a very relaxing Christmas after all that hard work!!



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