Advent Clue #1 Done

My first Advent 1 clue, blocking above and kitchnered below. The band is a slightly modified version of the “Wheat Ear” stitch, one of many which I tried out of Barbara Walker’s first treasury. The tight cables, 3×3 repeated over just four rows, went very well with the I-cord edge I knew I wanted, and best communicated the look of branches woven into a wreath.

I’ll be honest; I almost stopped here. I love winter headbands. Despite being told that I look “very eighties” in them, I still imagine myself as Robin Tunney in Vertical Limit, with a big parka and short, intensely curly hair held in check by a fleece ear-warmer. If you know someone both likes and looks good in this sort of thing, there’s still time to knit a whack of them before Christmas. But, I imagine most of you will be joining me for clue #2 tonight.

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