Some Things Coming

Change is in the air, my friends. I mean, like, literal changes, on this blog you are reading right now. A lot of things have been in the works for a while, but they are finally to the point that you might experience some changes – both pleasant and unpleasant – so this is your … More Some Things Coming

I’m Back

After over a month’s break from knit-blogging, where do I begin? I have spent the last two months experiencing life as I have never experienced it before. I spent 35 hours a week at a job in the city. That job consisted mostly in just talking to people about their lives, their families, and their … More I’m Back

Ten Balls a-Ringing

When I worked at Cloverhill, a co-worker told me about a Christmas tradition she had with her kids. Every year, they picked three things to give away, and they received three presents. (Three for the wise men.) This struck me as eminently reasonable. Not everyone has to do it, of course, and some rule like … More Ten Balls a-Ringing

Five More Hats!!!!

This is everybody’s favorite verse, I think. Eddie Izzard certainly thinks so. (a bit of swearing in that link, be aware of who’s in the room before you click.) FIIIIIIIIVE GOOOOOLD RIIIIIIINGS!!! Right? Anyway, today the rings are around heads, and have tops, because they are hats. And I’m celebrating with a free pattern, so … More Five More Hats!!!!


As ready as we’re going to be! We know where we’ll be this weekend. The 2013 Maryland Alpaca & Fleece Festival. November 16-17th, 10 am – 4 pm; Howard County Fairgrounds. Where will you be? An ENORMOUS vote of thanks goes out to our amazing sample knitters – Tammy, Gale, Beryl, and my aunt Kathy. … More Ready