Brand New and Super Awesome

Okay everyone, so I have a BIG announcement that has been percolating for a couple of months. The big day is finally here! It’s about some VIDEO related stuff, so to be fitting, here is a video announcement for you. I am joining the Wool n’ Spinning team!

As you know, I’ve been a member of the Wool n’ Spinning community for quite some time. It’s meant so much to me to have an online spinning community, especially living in an isolated place with few other spinners. Rachel has had to step back from some of her content lately, and she gave me the opportunity to join her team. I’ll be creating some new videos for spinners as part of the Wool n’ Spinning patreon, and hosting a new zoom group for coaching.

I’ve talked a lot about Wool n’ Spinning over the years, but I don’t think I’ve ever broken down exactly what this community is. Basically, it’s a lot of spinners helping each other! Rachel has been producing videos for quite some time now, and the Wool n’ Spinning podcast has well over 200 episodes, available to watch for free. In addition to the main podcast, she has also made a wealth of teaching videos available to the public. Anyone can also participate in the active ravelry group, and members’ projects often get featured on the podcast.

If you’ve ever tried your hand at making a podcast before, you know that it is a lot of work, and not cheap to do (especially to do really well)! So Rachel has built this community into a rich, vibrant, supportive place with the help of her patreon. What you don’t see, if you watch only the main podcast, is the wealth of additional content available to supporters. All supporters get access to her radio podcast, which includes lots of fun interviews. 5$/month includes access to the Slack channel, where spinners are always chatting it up and supporting each other. At other levels, Rachel also produces teaching content focused on everything from exotic or plant-based fibers, to weaving, to socks, to the 51 Yarns book SAL we did in 2019-21. You can also get direct coaching from her as part of her zoom group.

The content I will be producing will be at one of those higher-level tiers. I will be the new host of The Wool Circle, a supplemental podcast focusing on the fundamentals of spinning. As the community grows, there will always be new members looking to dig into the foundational issues around spinning intentionally, who are maybe not ready for the more advanced topics Rachel is digging into. There are also intermediate or advanced spinners who want to reinforce their foundations by digging into those topics and getting some coaching. That podcast will be available at the 20$/month level, and that will include access to all the past teaching content Rachel has produced over the years.

In addition, I’ll be providing direct coaching to spinners at the 35$/month level. That group is called “Spinning Staples,” and is an exclusive zoom group that will meet twice a month. We’ll explore the same topics that are in The Wool Circle, from your perspective.

If you’re like wow, that’s kind of a lot! Think about it this way: I’m going to be producing content in MODULES. That means I’ll be focusing in on one topic for 2-4 months. For instance, we’ll be starting by spending four months on sampling, which is at the heart of intentional spinning. If I’m going to cover a topic you’re interested in, you can join at a higher level for just that module, and drop back down if the next topic is not quite where you are at. In fact, I would encourage you to do that, thinking about it like an extended workshop. Making so often moves in seasons, and this is the perfect investment for a season of your life when you want to invest in growing your spinning practice.

If you want to join, set your reminders and join on SEPTEMBER 1st. (Or, if you’re already a member, update your support level on or after September 1st.) That prevents you being double-charged. My first video will come out September 5th, and Rachel and I are hard at work on it. I’ll be releasing those pre-recorded videos every 1st and 3rd Mondays, with a YouTube interactive premiere at 1pm Eastern/12 pm Central/10 am Pacific. Spinning Staples will meet on zoom every 2nd and 4th Wednesdays (first day is September 14th), at 3pm Eastern/2pm Central/12pm Pacific, and will meet for one hour.

I’ll still be here on my blag, talking about everything from parenting to cake to flowers to Jesus to whatever I feel like. But if you’ve been reading along for a while, you will have a hint how much this new step means to me, and why I’m SUPER DUPER EXCITED ABOUT IT! Thanks so much to Rachel for giving me this opportunity, and here’s hoping the Wool n’ Spinning community continues to grow and bless tons of spinners around the world.

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