Tying Up

For the last few days we’ve all been struggling with colds, taking it easy, coming down from the Christmas high. I’ve also been doing some reflecting on the year that’s past, and setting some intentions for next year.

In those plans, there were a couple of small unfinished projects that didn’t make it onto my lists. Since I was pretty much laid up anyways, I decided to put extra effort into tying up these literal loose ends.

This is a hat for my friend C. She bought some beautiful yarn, and then was a little intimidated by it I think, so she asked me to knit her a hat from it. Her only stipulation was that it have cables.

This was a free pattern called Tied Knots, by Justyna Lorkowska. It has a nice flow to it that looks organic and random, but is quite logical and easy to memorize for the knitter. It’s a little spastic in this multi-hued, high-contrast yarn, but the organic-ness of it makes it work, I think.

Thank you to Stringbean for modeling.

C likes her hat. Double bonus, it happened to be her birthday when she got it! Thank you, Jesus, for loving on my friend.

The other loose end is a little spin I started a while ago on Doris, my wee disassemble-able antique wheel. She comes apart into a small bag, so I can walk with her to spinning night, and I started this spin just to have a project for her. But spinning nights have been few and far between this fall, and aren’t likely to start up again for at least a month (thanks COVID outbreak!) so I decided to go ahead and finish this.

I only had half an ounce of fiber left, so I finished it off yesterday. This is the BFL from Flying Goat Farm which my mom gave me as part of the “fiber club” that she gifted me for my Birthday a few years ago. I think I have just one entry left from that club to spin!

The kids got a kick out of assembling Doris, right up to her built-in lazy Kate. So I left Doris up and plied from her Kate, right into Blondie (my Ashford Traditional), with her handy bulky flyer that I use for plying.

This is the resulting skein. It’s probably fingering, though I haven’t washed it yet. Funny how two-ply fingering is the default yarn I make when I don’t sample, but just start spinning, even if I think I’m spinning thicker! This is the third time this has happened.

There are plenty more unfinished projects in this house, but none that I could finish up in a day or two, even if I spend the day in bed again. But it feels good to wrap these projects up with a bow at the end of 2021.

Do you have anything you like to do to wrap up your year?

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