Four Fun Footsies

The Christmas joy keeps flowing.  Are these not fun, happy socks?  The yarn is Koigu, bought at “All About Yarn” in Pittsburgh.”  They are also leftovers (as Rebecca mentioned in her Day 3.)


They came from what I called my “Naoimi Yarn” that I bought at the store along with some 100% silk.  With 3 colors of Koigu and 4 colors of silk, I made this:



Working on this vest kept me busy in between summer visits when I missed my little granddaughter very much.

Anyway, back to the socks…..the pattern is called “Emily’s Sock” and are from “2-at-a-time Socks” by Melissa Morgan-Oakes.  Yes, I finally learned the “Magic Loop” style of knitting!  I love it!

The pattern stitch was a bit hard….a bit tight…. but it paid off in the end because the socks stay on her quite well.  I actually knit one of each color twice….a bit risky I know.  Maybe I wouldn’t pull off the second pair?  But of course they were for Naomi so I had to finish.



I presented the socks in a binder, with a picture and a love letter.  It was an idea I read about years ago…..writing a love letter to your child each year.  I didn’t read it in time to do it for my children, but maybe I can pull it off my grandchildren.  Socks every year?  Maybe, maybe not…..but at least a letter.



Yay for grandchildren who are too little to get into much mischief, and are very easy to keep happy!


2 thoughts on “Four Fun Footsies

  1. Great socks and great vest! I always love your color choices. So did you teach yourself the Magic Loop? I have thought that I need to learn it too. What was the best resource for you to learn?

    I love the idea of the binder! I wish I had started one with the older kids, but maybe I can with Ethan. So far, I’ve only made him the blanket. He hates socks! But I certainly could write them all love letters starting next year.


  2. I learned it from that book: “2 At a Time Socks.” At the beginning of the book there is a multi-page explanation for each part of the sock process and how to do it on the 32″ needle. Obviously knitting a single item in the round would be even easier.


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