Alpaca Madness

From Mum! ~Reb My dyeing career began with an alpaca fleece, and this weekend is the Maryland Alpaca Festival, so it’s appropriate that I should share what I did next with that fleece after dyeing it.  Joyce from Alpaca Joy is a neighbor, and so was there at Highland Day to sell me my very … More Alpaca Madness

The Wonder of Apples

My life is divided into 2 seasons, and if I’m going to be optimistic about it, I would title them:  Happy   Fall/Winter and Joyous-Busy Spring/Summer.  But in reality, September through February is fun.  The new school year starts and I can realistically look forward to some interesting homeschool reading with my little daughter (now … More The Wonder of Apples

Fiber Fiesta

Finally, Mom and I have a chance to have a spinning retreat! To celebrate, we’ve prepared a couple of fiber-related posts for you to read while we’re spinning away, since we’ll be having too much fun to write new posts. Mom gets the first crack. ~Reb Just for fun, I (Mom) thought I’d tell you … More Fiber Fiesta