8 Hearts of Love

This blanket (by Mom) was inspired by:
  •  a strong grandmotherly instinct to knit a soft and cottony baby blanket
  •  a thought that I had found a use for some lovely purple cotton yarn I had in my stash
  •  a love for squares
  •  a thought that it could become a bath blanket
  •  lots of LOVE!!


Using size 3 needles, I knit 7 strips; each strip has 8 squares.  For each of the picture squares, I mostly used charts in Kate Buller’s “Style Your Own Kid’s Knits”.  For many of them, I modified the charts since I was working with only knits and purls rather than colors.


It was great fun picking out the pictures that represented family:

  • Sheep, rocket, airplanes for Rebecca
  • Cross, fleur de lis for Jared/ministry calling of both parents
  • Numbers for accountant brother, Hunter
  • Sunshine and flower for sister Leah
  • Cat and seahorse for sister Bethany
  • Train for dad
  • Fish for Mum
  • Random pictures because I really wanted 20 different ones!  They didn’t all represent family.
  • Lots of hearts from everyone!!


So far, it’s not a bath blanket, because I couldn’t resolve the problems of seams…..but I might add terry cloth to the back and add a triangular hood on the corner.  We’ll see.  I decided to get this far, give it to Rebecca, and get her opinion.

Enjoy, Sweetie!  Enjoy dear Son-in-law!  Enjoy Cyrilla!



3 thoughts on “8 Hearts of Love

  1. Linda, that blanket is just beautiful! It looks so soft. You didn’t mention the edging, but it is really pretty too. What did you do?


  2. It is 2 rows of crochet, the first one being regular single crochet. The 2nd row is a picot edging from Edie Eckman’s “Crochet Borders.” I had to figure out my own way to make it look nice on this piece, but the idea came from that book. Glad you like it!

    I’m kinda hoping Rebecca will like it as it is, but we’ll see. I couldn’t see how putting a hood on the back would work…..it would give the baby seam impressions into her skin! And if I put a hood on the front, it would cover some of the pictures. So I left it off. Maybe it will still work as a bath blanket- or something helpful.


  3. I do love it just as is, mom. I don’t think it needs to be a bath blanket… though I can see wrapping her up in it for cuddles (with the right side on the inside for minimum seam issues. It might be a great crib blanket too since it’s nice and heavy and large.


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