Two Warming Wristies

The pattern is actually called “Tinaku Mittens”; it is from Miski Book 26 by Jane Ellison.   (It’s Mom again, Hi.  Rebecca is carding dog hair and wool fleece downstairs on the useful but ugly drum carder; she will post tomorrow; I promise.)  I bought this book from the “new” Clover Hill yarn shop when I went up there one happy Sunday with Rebecca.  The shop is under new own ownership by  a lovely lady named Wae.  She recently had her grand opening, and we wanted to check it out.  Beyond the books are seemingly thousands of colorful yarns; one of which is Malabrigo “Rios.”  It’s worsted weight and seemingly a suitable choice for these fingerless gloves.   Since for once I actually saved the label, I can tell you that it’s Pure Merino Superwash, 210 yds, 100g, 4/5-5.5 sts. per inch, made in Peru.


The model in this photo is my middle daughter, Leah.  She was the recipient of this pair of gauntlets, and she was very sweet about loving them in every way.  She is wearing them now, as I write this post, on the way to Severn to visit her boyfriend.  And I realized just now that her bo is from Peru so I must take a minute and text her this important fact!  Or maybe wait until she is done driving…..


Pattern review: the instructions were to cast on 38 sts and knit them flat, then sew them up.  Now I used to dislike circular knitting…..especially with “sticks” as I call them.  Then the “epic sweater” happened AND Rebecca happened to mention that she had a whole bunch of shorter double points from her lovely friend, Jonica.  She had given Rebecca dozens of them, and so had plenty to share with me.  They were special in that they were about 4″ long opposed to the normal 6″.  (I would go and check this guess, but my granddaughter is trying to take a nap in the craft room.)  For some reason, having the shorter dp’s has made a huge difference for me.  Not only did I knit these wrist warmers in the round, but I now knit socks!  Finally!! (More on that in the 4th day of Christmas.)  Somehow they fit into my palm and Continental style of knitting.  I studied the pattern and observed that there were 3 sets of cables in a 12-stitch repeat, so I cast on 36 sts instead of 38.  It was a little tricky interpreting the directions differently, and at times I felt like I was guessing.  But happily, I knew it was a case of not mattering too much, and I think I managed to make them mostly match.


And now of course, the grand finale:  Lovely Leah modeling the gloves on Christmas morn, in her Christmas PJ’s, sans make-up but with a willing smile on her face.  How I love my children!



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