Pumpkin Cake!

We carved our pumpkin way early this year.

We bought one of the first pumpkins in the store, and we carved it on a quiet day, knowing well that it wouldn’t last till Halloween. We put it on the porch to freeze solid, now that it has a third eye. I think it’s creepy enough.

But we had another pumpkin planned! The fruit of all the Man About Cake videos we’ve been watching obsessively.

Everyone is very intense about being included in the baking process.
Until there’s something to lick, then Mama can finish.
Two big 9” cakes, and a massive batch of buttercream
Two layers became four,
And one color became three.
I rounded the edges a bit and did a crumb coat.
Then I used a final coat to make the shape more round…
And used a butter knife to carve ridges and smooth them out.
Pretty pumpkin-like, right?
I glued the cake shavings together with chocolate buttercream and carved them into a little volcano-shaped stem.
For the face, I carved out indentations, then filled them with a little chocolate frosting, and edged them with a little black gel frosting in a tube that I had lying around.
Some green piped details, and we’re done! I love him.

We plan to repeat last year’s plan of having neighbour kids over after trick or treating to eat their candy and watch Nightmare Before Christmas. While they’re here, why not give them more sugar? I know, it is totally an excuse to plan with more cake. Why not? Happy Halloween! Have some safe and wholesome fun!

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