Orange Shirt Day

Today, for the first time, Orange Shirt Day is being observed as a national statutory holiday in Canada. (Like a federal holiday in the US.) It’s officially called the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. I wrote a little bit about my perspective on Orange Shirt day earlier this summer. You see here a family … More Orange Shirt Day

Mercy Otis Warren

These lovely socks, fourth in the Bluestocking series, were knit in the week and a half we spent at our friends’ cabin in early July. They were the perfect cabin knit: fair isle, portable, and self-contained. I enjoyed the striped heel and the complex, organic fair isle pattern. I’m thankful I got a chance to … More Mercy Otis Warren

Rankin Together

I got this wool eleven years ago. Eleven literal years. I don’t even know if the sheep I got it from is still alive. It started on a sheep at a farm in Maryland where I volunteered in exchange for veggies. My volunteering involved helping to process their wool, and in that process, they let … More Rankin Together

Pumpkin Cake!

We carved our pumpkin way early this year. We bought one of the first pumpkins in the store, and we carved it on a quiet day, knowing well that it wouldn’t last till Halloween. We put it on the porch to freeze solid, now that it has a third eye. I think it’s creepy enough. … More Pumpkin Cake!