Rankin Together

I got this wool eleven years ago. Eleven literal years. I don’t even know if the sheep I got it from is still alive. It started on a sheep at a farm in Maryland where I volunteered in exchange for veggies. My volunteering involved helping to process their wool, and in that process, they let … More Rankin Together

Pumpkin Cake!

We carved our pumpkin way early this year. We bought one of the first pumpkins in the store, and we carved it on a quiet day, knowing well that it wouldn’t last till Halloween. We put it on the porch to freeze solid, now that it has a third eye. I think it’s creepy enough. … More Pumpkin Cake!

Cake Be Happening

I am way into watching Craftsy classes right now, and my learnings are starting to make their way into reality. I picked a cake decorating class to watch, thinking “This will be nice entertainment that won’t tempt me to get into a new hobby.” Yeah, wrong. Truth is, I love learning how things are made, … More Cake Be Happening

Stall Tactics

Startophoboa has struck again. I’m done Ringle, and my two shawls, and this months spinning samples. I’ve been playing a little game with myself since Ringle wrapped up: how long can I go without casting on something new? I knit swatches, mended some leggings, played with silk, did some cooking, cleaned up the yard, etc. … More Stall Tactics