A Halloween Retraction

In my post about Halloween a few months ago, I said something offensive. There are plenty of things about Halloween that make me ambivalent. I’ll not go into them, because I do not wish to judge others for their choices in things that aren’t that important. (Unless you’re being unsafe. That’s not cool. Be safe.) … More A Halloween Retraction

Six Assembly Steps

Let’s talk about putting a cake together. Here, I’m not going to say anything that you couldn’t learn from watching just about any instructional video about making cakes, from someone who does it better than I do. But it would feel strange to omit this part of the process – where the baked cakes actually … More Six Assembly Steps

Sock (Colour) Study – Fingram Qiviut Blend Cabled Sock Yarn

No colour in today’s Sock Study. Think of it as a palette cleanser between a whole year of studying analogous colourways, before I (eventually) get into spinning complementary colourways. Today, I share with you something completely different! Qiviut blend sock yarn. Oh this stuff! I esplain. No, is too much. I sum up. It started … More Sock (Colour) Study – Fingram Qiviut Blend Cabled Sock Yarn

A Little Easter Fun

Happy Easter everyone! It’s Easter Monday, and I’m sacked out on the couch after spending most of the day having a great visit with neighbor kids. Our bodies are recovering from that last push of lots of Easter services, and adjusting to having sugar in our diets again. In between the necessary things, I found … More A Little Easter Fun

Rainbow Cat-icorn Cake

Stringbean turned 9 on Thursday! And yesterday, we had a birthday party for her. Our communal obsession with cakes has taken many forms. For Stringbean, she has been working on her birthday cake design for months. We had to negotiate a bit to fit her expectations within my abilities, but in the end, we achieved … More Rainbow Cat-icorn Cake