May 2010 Round-Up: Like a Laser

Hi folks! You haven’t heard much from me this month because I have been really focused on a couple of knitting projects. One of them I’ve already showed you:

The other I can’t show you. That’s really it! No sewing, spinning, or weaving, apart from one unfinished 51 Yarns spin.

That’s just how it goes sometimes! My word of the month has been “priority,” which as my friend Rachel reminded me recently, was always meant to be singular. Knitting has been my crafting priority, and in the rest of life, it’s been homeschool. The most important thing to me right now is that the kids and I can enjoy learning together. We’ve had lots of little adventures –

Probably the most exciting was learning how to build a wee cooking fire out on the land with our friend Lorraine.

Other than that, our life has been one of establishing routines and new habits, reading and narrating, math worksheets and handwriting, with occasional wild detours to spend a couple of days at our friends’ cabin.

Canada Geese

This post is a little late because we just got back from a two night cabin trip. My favorite part was the geese: snow geese and Canada geese are migrating right now, and we heard and saw so many of them that I can distinguish their calls now. We even saw a formation with both kinds of geese in it. I think I got a picture of a Gyrfalcon but I haven’t processed pics from my big camera yet.

Well that was a ramble. I hope your spring is off to a good start; ours certainly is! More organized thoughts to come, I hope!

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