2 of 51 Yarns: Medium Wool

I was surprised at how completely different it felt in my fingers after the superfine merino. It didn’t just feel thicker; it felt downright coarse. While with the merino I tended to be spinning thinner than I realized, with the Corrie I had to consciously make sure I was grabbing few enough fibres to hit my target of the 32 wpi slot.
The stats are all on my rav page and on the cards below, so I won’t rehash them. I was again going for that sweet spot of “as much twist as possible before rope,” which I knew would mean less twist than the merino, but I had no idea how much less. So I just went down a ratio – to 11.5:1 – and rolled with it. Middle whorl for a medium wool? Sure.
I knitted a swatch up on 7s and 8s. Pinning the swatch to the kids’ new easel finally got me enough natural light to photograph the thing.
The 7s (above) were about perfect, coming in at 19 st/4″. The 8s (below) made a loosey goosey fabric that I would not want for a sweater in this firm yarn. I could have tried it on 6s to see what a tighter fabric was like. It’s definitely the same size yarn as the merino sample, which pleases me.
This is going to be a fun spin when I get to it, and probably pretty quick. A great spin to default to, which is what you want in a sweater spin. I look forward to it, and in the meantime, I’m very pleased to have finally got some basic Corriedale between my hands!

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