Puni Progress

Spinning, sadly, is not that portable. At least, wheel spinning is not that portable, and I just can’t get into my spindle these days. It seems too much like exercise. My wheel isn’t a monster, but with all the paraphernalia I need to oil it and take notes and make samples, it’s much easier to leave it ensconced in the study/spinning closet where it’s also protected from curious toddlers and their penchant for mindless destruction in the name of adorable precociousness.

Fiber prep, however, is decidedly portable.

On one of the rare nights that I got to spend with my husband, cuddled up on the couch watching early and questionable episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, I turned my remaining 34 punis into two boxes of nests.

As I pulled them apart, they revealed their true nature. You can see that some of the dark ones have a lot of white, and some of the white ones have a smattering of dark. I arranged them accordingly, to no particular end except cuteness.

Fiber prep is so soothing. I might like it even better than spinning. Kind of like my favourite part of sewing is cutting out the pieces. Hm.

The really fantastic thing about these punis is that you can spin one in about 10 or 15  minutes. So even in those short snatches of time I get to myself, I feel like I’ve Gotten Somewhere. I even make sure to change guide hooks with every puni so I can look with mine eyes and see progress.

Here a little, there a little, the caramel punis got finished. Despite the Big Work Thing being in progress now, rather than just anticipated, those snatches of time add up.

Unfortunately, this last week has been hampered by illness as well as work, so my progress on the white is much less inspiring. plus, my handcards got here a few days ago, and I had to play with them a little bit right away. 

However, even horrible February head colds have to subside eventually. One day at a time, here a little, there a little, I’ll get these done too. Maybe they’ll even be done by the time you read this, and I’ll keep these daily posts going a little longer. You’ll know, of course, if you follow me on Instagram.


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