Sock Yarn Longevity: Malebrigo Sock

A daily mini-series in which I give an updated review of some sock yarns I have used, having given the socks some wear. For first post and longer explanation, click here. Pattern link below is to my original review of the yarn when the socks were completed; yarn link goes to Ravelry.

Patterns: “Traveler’s Stocking” from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock from Malabrigo Yarns


Years Worn: 2

Verdict: I. Love. This. Yarn.

This is hilarious, because when I was knitting these socks, I hated them. I was done with socks, but wanted to finish my knit-through-a-book, so I grumbled and fussed my way through this pattern in its complexity. I grumbly acknowledged that they were gorgeous, but I was never excited about them.

But now, every time I pull them out of the drawer to put them on, it feels like it’s going to be a good day. Just look at them! There’s a bit of pilling, but you can hardly tell on that pretty semi-solid surface, can you? The surface of the stockinette fabric has a great sheen to it, the stitch definition is great, and they’re quite elastic. I’ve not noticed any thinning in the balls of the feet yet (where I wear my socks the hardest), and there’s no nylon in it. This is just a well-spun, beautifully-dyed, hard-wearing yarn. (I’m sure it helped that I knit them down on US 1.5s. On larger needles, say in a sweater, it might behave differently. Always swatch, but with superwash wool, swatch extra-thoroughly.)

I’d go back to this in a flash. This is the pair I hope are still in my collection in another five years, like the Crazy Zauberball socks from yesterday. Two thumbs way up! And a big toe!

One thought on “Sock Yarn Longevity: Malebrigo Sock

  1. I totally agree with you on this yarn. It is fabulous. I knit my husband a pair last year and they are still in great shape and he wears them a lot.


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