Stash Toss 2023

When Rachel started talking about doing an accounting of her stash on the last episode of WnS, a little light went on in my brain. Ping! I was starting to feel that itch. Not of too much stash, actually, but of too many projects. I remember the last time I felt like this, about ten … More Stash Toss 2023

Socks for Science

For the last year, I’ve regaled you with the stories of the handspun socks I’ve been knitting. On Wednesday, I cast off the last pair. Two pairs were for Stringbean and are already in circulation; these eleven are to become my new sock drawer. Mostly, I have discussed the colour handling in the sock yarns … More Socks for Science

Sock (Colour) Study – Fingram Qiviut Blend Cabled Sock Yarn

No colour in today’s Sock Study. Think of it as a palette cleanser between a whole year of studying analogous colourways, before I (eventually) get into spinning complementary colourways. Today, I share with you something completely different! Qiviut blend sock yarn. Oh this stuff! I esplain. No, is too much. I sum up. It started … More Sock (Colour) Study – Fingram Qiviut Blend Cabled Sock Yarn