We Two Mice of Nunavut Are

Happy Epiphany! Epiphany always feels to me as if it’s the actual last day of Christmas, since after all, it’s the day Jesus got his gifts. So I thought I’d share one more thing today.

I already showed you the girls’ big Christmas present, when I finished the Phoebe dolls way back in October. N caught a glimpse of a picture when I was making that blog post, and said something along the lines of “WHERE’S MY PHOEBE DOLL SWEATER” but I denied everything. Three-year-olds are easily bluffed.

The two little mice sat huddled in an empty Goldfish box for nearly three months before they were taken down, wrapped in separate boxes, and opened.

One tries not to get too tied up in the responses of toddlers to the things one knits for them. But they were very excited.


Their responses were both very… them. N ran up to put her matching sweater on. M stripped hers naked.

I tried to get them to pose in their sweaters with their dolls that night, but the results were understandably chaotic. Present day is always a bit emotionally overwhelming for small people, though I daresay baby Jesus didn’t lose his mind over gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

img_2719 img_2722

The next night, just by way of making conversation, I asked N what her favorite present was. “My Phoebe doll,” she said, without hesitation. I was unable to suppress a little gasp of happiness, but recovered with a nonchalant but affectionate comment. They both slept with their mice, in varying states of dress, for the first few days. Now they have joined the ranks of 12″ dolls in being strewn about the room and crammed into every possible combination of odd doll clothes we now have. But they are being played with and loved. That’s as much as I could ask for, and more than I hoped.


When I look back at my projects from this fall, I was working on Christmas presents pretty continuously from September through mid-December. That’s over a quarter of the year’s knitting time! I have no guilt whatever about having three large projects on the needles, all for MOI. Goodness it was fun, though.

Happy Epiphanytide. May this missional season of growth and learning keep you warm through the coldest bit of the year.

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