Two Mice In the Sun

There are two new markers of the equinox season. One is a biannual text from our cell phone company, informing us that because of the “sun transit,” the sun will be blasting directly at their satellite, and our service will be disrupted. The second is the placement of the afternoon sun such that, during our naptime break, it blasts directly upon our favorite spot on the couch. So it is with pleasure that I snuggle into my sunny spot this Sunday afternoon, contemplating a lonely satellite being overwhelmed into catatonia by these same rays, to blog to you about my latest finished project.

No cat sits upon our sunny sill. But there are two mice.


The girls’ Phoebe Sweaters are joined by two Phoebe mice. Phoebette (right) and Phoebitsy (left) are the girls’ big knitted Christmas present this year. I have had to knit them in stolen moments, as N was dangerously close to guessing what they were. Their many fiddly limbs were completed during the cutscenes of The Banner Saga, and their dresses were knit while co-playing Space Quest III and IV with Jared. (If you enjoyed the former, drop me a line. If you enjoyed the latter… can we be best friends? Oh, the hazards of having obscure tastes.)

Pattern Review: I am not a big knitter of toys. I find them so incredibly fiddly. They make me long for a giant garter-stitch afghan. But there is something satisfying about making a conjoined set of misshapen sacs, stuffing it into a featureless voodoo doll, then applying a tiny bit of embroidery to see it suddenly become a cuddle-able plaything deserving of affection and an anthropomorphized personality. The power of the face, I suppose. For my taste, I found these patterns very merciful, making a mouse out of a series of very plain tubes. Fussing over the ears was worth it, though I’m sure I didn’t attach them straight. The dress was so simple it fit on half a page of the book, Phoebe’s Sweater.



Yarn Review: Is anyone going to care if I review Cascade 220? Probably not. It’s only one of the most popular yarns among handknitters, and comes in enough colors to literally fill a wall at the late Natural Stitches (R.I.P.). But let the record show, I found it very pleasant and soft-feeling to work with, even fairly tightly on US 5s, which is nice for a workhorse yarn. This makes me suspicious, though, for how it wears in a human-sized sweater, and the mice aren’t going to tell me.

Then to cap it all off:



They make me squee! Goodness me I’m glad they’re done, but, *squeee!!!* You may have noticed that the buttons on the coats match the buttons on the girls big sweaters. Didn’t notice? Let me prove it to you.


How thrilled I was when Baffin Electronics had the same beautiful woodcut button in two sizes, with enough for my purposes. They have a good button selection, with very reasonable prices, so I count myself very fortunate, as one who plans projects years in advance but never buys buttons until a project is nearly done.

Now I have to pack these little dears away into an empty goldfish box and hide them away until Christmas. I have been very responsible in starting the holiday knitting so early, but the poor mice have to stuffer – I mean suffer – for it. I’ll regret it when I wake in dark January to find their black embroidered eyes leaning over me threateningly in my sleep.



They’ll forgive me when they meet their little girls. Right? …

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