Ten Crazy Skirt Stripes

The third entry on these Twelve Days of Christmas Knitting brings me, not to my needles, but to my mom’s. She wanted to make my little dancer something special this Christmas, so she made her a colorful skirt: out of stuff yarn.


If you didn’t know, “stuff yarn” is made of several shorter lengths of different novelty yarns tied end-to-end and made into one skein. It’s perfect if your knitting needs a fling on the wild side. This is probably Feza “Fiesta“, which (at least when I knit with it) has ten yarns twice.

Mom had some trouble getting the size and waistband exactly right, with enough flounce to be like a tutu, but without rounds so big that she instantly ran out of yarn. At least it’s a quick project to have to knit three times.


It fits her perfectly. I didn’t even have to adjust the conveniently adjustable waistband. Apart from an argument with daddy about whether it’s a skirt or a tutu, she was happy enough smile for the camera. That’s pretty happy.

And check out the little ballet-pink outfit Deedee sent to match! Perfect for dancing around the house to Mama’s new Mannheim Steamroller Christmas album. (In my mind, it is NOT Christmas until I have heard this song. You’re welcome.)


Happy (belated, again) feast of St. John the Evangelist! Is your spirit sufficiently on fire with the Lord’s presence to own your faith as boldly as N is rocking this skirt?! I can say I’m working on it! I certainly have enough exclamation points! Merry Christmas!

One thought on “Ten Crazy Skirt Stripes

  1. OK, I went to some length to track down where I bought this lovely artsy yarn. It is NOT mystuff yarn or fiesta, but since I’ve used those, Rebecca gave a reasonable guess. I thought I had included the label but I obviously not. The artist is Kathy Withers, and here is her web site shop. http://www.witherswool.com/shop/ I bought it at the MD Sheep and Wool Festival and I hope she’s there again!


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