Bwuh… A Week?

Um, has it really been nearly a week since I last posted? Because it has been a week full of things I could be blogging about. And that’s just the food, not to mention all the Feelings about things.

But blogging and knitting are, sadly, mutually exclusive activities. And even holding back on the typing, I’m only stitching at about half the pace I have to in order to get through the pile in time.

I can tell you that one thing that was NOT in the cards was running out of yarn with one slipper (of eight) left to go. Ugh. Should have knit the biggest ones first, then I only would have to re-knit a small one. Good thing I already have other yarn I can use.

I’ve already worked out three gift-ees to whom I can give a box with yarn and an IOU, with the minimum amount of relational awkwardness. (One of them is my daughter. It’ll be an Epiphany gift.) That leaves a pair of child’s slippers, and about 5 square feet of entrelac, which need to get done to a deadline. And half the entrelac, plus the slippers, don’t actually have to get done ’till the 28th. So I’m not going to kill myself.

Hard to do that, when your life is violently thrown into perspective. A dear friend and former professor passed away on Friday, after a not-that-long but really-terrible illness. And at almost the same time, we decided to take a rather ridiculous but important trip, which will take a lot of planning, and we leave in about a month. More on both of those things when I have the heart to write about one, and the time to write about the other.

Suffice it to say, it’s hard to get too hung up about the slippers.

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