Allison’s Headband

Thing three of three recently knit for Allison (see part one and part two) is quite opposite to the former two – at least when it comes to texture.

When we turned our headlights north for our wee vacation to Canada two years ago, our first stop was an overnight in Toronto. It was really just a vehicular layover on our way to our campground on Lake Huron, but we quickly wished that we could spend a whole week in this city. Anyway, of course I made everyone stop at Lettuce Knit, the tiny LYS that the Yarn Harlot has called her home shop for most of her bloghistory. (I suspect now she can’t really show her face in there without getting mobbed by people like me, falling over themselves trying to say something nonchalant and clever while begging for an autograph.)


Yarn Review: Allison, being a total sport, found her own souvenir: a tiny, luscious, expensive skein from The Fibre Company called “Road to China.” Its content includes merino, silk, cashmere, and camel down. This stuff about made you want to die with the softness and prettiness, and kill yourself with the price tag.

Allison fell in love with it instantly, and consulted me as to the possible uses of just one skein. I think we decided on a cowl before we left the shop, but she later decided she’d get more use out of an earwarmer/headband type thing.


If you haven’t picked up the theme by now, let me tell you: I can’t really think of knitting anything for Allison that doesn’t involve cables. Her tastes are very conservative, classic, and earthy. Design-wise, this sends me in a traditional UK-inspired direction. After much browsing, I ended up here, with the descriptively-named “Wishbone Headband.”

Pattern Review: This free pattern is simple and classic, but utilizes a herringbone motif at the center that I hadn’t tried before. This yarn is a little fine for a DK, so I knit it on US4s. Therefore, it’s a little narrow (but still just wide enough, I think) and has a few more repeats. I think it came out with just the right amount of delicate-ness for the yarn.


There you are, Allison! I hope it is cold enough for you in Philly this year. I really enjoyed making these project over the last few months, and I hope you enjoy using them as much. As Dr. Peterson used to say, dripping with irony, “Be warm and well fed!”


2 thoughts on “Allison’s Headband

  1. Beautiful headband! I fell in love with “Road to China” when I used it to make a fair isle hat from Vogue Knitting. I have a ton left over – maybe all the girls in my family will get headbands for Christmas.


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