You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

Last year, I made four ruanas (click here and scroll down to see them). I sold two of them, and the other two have gotten a little use in the intervening year, but mostly have just lived in my closet. (Our bedroom has a special little linen closet that I use just for woolens. Envy me.)

This is the beginning of the end of one of those ruanas.



I love them dearly, but I didn’t make them for myself, and I don’t wear that sort of thing very much. So the time came when I started to see, not a ruana, but five skeins of Ultra Alpaca that I could make into whatever I wanted.

Naomi usually loves it when I unravel things, but she was lacksidaisical this time.

Whatever, Mom.



It was still hard to unravel a finished project that big, that unused. I mean, I put a good 15 hours of my life into that thing, at least! (Knitting machines do a lot to blunt regret, really.)


But now it is done. A leaning tower of Ultra Alpaca, destined to become a Babywearer Poncho of my very own. (You don’t remember? I made one a couple years ago.)



The pattern estimates I’ll need over 2000 yards. I don’t believe them. I have just over 1000. I live on the edge, man.


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