New Colors of Kirby Woolpaca for Winter 2012

Edit: my titles seem to be breaky right now, but the title of this post is supposed to be: New Colors of Kirby Woolpaca for Winter 2012

Are you deep into your Christmas knitting yet? Thinking about what you’d like to knit for yourself? Well Mom has been thinking of you too. She’s perfected four new colorways of Kirby Woolpaca to add to our line, which now includes 19 colorways. Let me introduce you:

“Sunburst” is the result of Mom becoming a thorough expert at the art of pokeberry dyeing. She played with amounts, temperature, and quantity until she got this great blend of lighter, brighter reds with orange and pink hints.

“Orchard Orange” is a mix of apple bark and cochineal. This is my favorite colorway mom does right now; I can’t believe this bright salmony orange can come straight from nature. All the apple bark mom uses is from the tree in my grandmother’s yard that I grew up climbing and picking apples from every summer, and which Grammy still uses to make apple pies.

“Black Walnut Brown” is the perfection of the darkest chocolatey-est brown one can get from black walnuts. Mom and I gather black walnuts from our yards and peel them by hand (with protective gloves); aging the nuts differently and using different immersion times gets different shades of brown.

“Spring Joy” is a multi that is just begging to be made into a baby outfit, but would suit grown-up as well. Paler tones of black bean blue and apple bark yellow overlap and blend with the resulting pale sage green.

Finally, “Mud Puddle” is a darker version of Baby Boy Peter, in which both the brown and the blue are used to their maximum.

All four colors are now available in the Kirby Woolpaca store, along with the rest of our color range.

3 thoughts on “New Colors of Kirby Woolpaca for Winter 2012

  1. The colors are beautiful! I love the “Orchard Orange” too Well done, Linda. I need more time to keep up with everything (and more money too). Need more “yarn credits”.


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