A Little Linky

I got a surprise this morning, while catching up on the blogs I usually read. Spin Artiste is a blog that interviews fiber artists, particularly spinners. And this week, she interviewed the amazing lady who, among a bajillion other things, produced the yarn I am using for my Tongues of Fire mystery knit-along! It turns out she is an amazingly experienced dyer, lace knitter, spinner, and a professional at japanese embroidery. She’s also an experienced and hilarious writer. I just found her stuff delightful when I linked to it through a Ravelry ad; it’s so cool to learn a bit more about her. Read an interview with her about her life and design process at Spin Artiste, and visit her shop at the Gossamer Web.

We’ll return later today to catch up on my celebration reports, party the end of the semester, and look at what the next few weeks will bring… (hint: it involves a lot of boxes and a chainsaw.)

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