On Calling

So… I kinda have writer’s block. Or blogger’s reluctance. Or… my life is only half baked anyway, so how am I supposed to write about SPIRITUAL things when I can’t even figure out what I’m having for dinner? I set out, about three weeks ago, to write about calling. In this series on the Holy Spirit, I … More On Calling

On Community

Yesterday, Old Economy Village was open for free for a big antique car rally. I don’t care much about antique cars, but any chance to see Old Economy for free is a treat I try to take. The place is full of inspiration, a living testament to the potential power of human community, and reeking … More On Community

On the Spirit

  The Holy Spirit – or, since it’s a name, you can leave off the article and call the third person of the Trinity “Holy Spirit” – is, by definition, very hard to pin down. Mom used to say to us, when we were kids, that if we got a really good idea, and we … More On the Spirit

Themes in Pentecost

So, it had been my hope to provide you with several essays leading up to the Pentecost celebration about what the holiday means, the symbolism involved in its celebrations, and the themes associated with it. I should have guessed that between the end of the semester and moving, it’d be a bit much for me. … More Themes in Pentecost

A Little Linky

I got a surprise this morning, while catching up on the blogs I usually read. Spin Artiste is a blog that interviews fiber artists, particularly spinners. And this week, she interviewed the amazing lady who, among a bajillion other things, produced the yarn I am using for my Tongues of Fire mystery knit-along! It turns … More A Little Linky

Swatchfest 2012

So  now that it’s Easter season, I finally feel released to start some shameless and passionate advertising for the: Pentecost Shawl Mystery Knit-Along!  Mystery Knit-Alongs are more or less the most fun thing ever. The way it works is that you sign up to knit a pattern that sounds interesting, but that no one has … More Swatchfest 2012