Pentecost Mystery Shawl KAL

The three most special feast days of the Christian Church are Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost. Christmas and Easter get plenty of attention, and the average person probably knows the basic origin story of those holidays. But do you know what Pentecost is, where it came from, and what it’s for?

This Mystery Knit-Along, starting on May 27th, is an opportunity for shared education about and celebration of the Holy Spirit and the Church.

  • The project: “Tongues of Fire” – A triangular lace shawl, designed as a sampler of flames. It is knit in one piece in an unusual direction, released in 7 clues every other week from May 27th-August 26th.
  • All are welcome – there are no prerequisites of spirituality; and all discussion is optional, and is expected to be carried out in sisterly and brotherly love.
  • The short explanation of Pentecost is that it is the day that the Holy Spirit descended upon the first Christians, and the Church was born. If you’re wondering what that means, stick around. After Easter on April 8th, I’ll start posting a few lead-up essays on Pentecost to get us talking, then each clue will be accompanied by an essay about the meaning of Pentecost. And yes, there is plenty of material for that much writing and discussion.
  • The materials: The yarn is 1200 yards of cobweb lace OR 1400 yards of regular lace, knit on US 3s.* Finished dimensions will be about 5′ wingspan in cobweb and up to 6′ wingspan in regular lace. Scroll down for more yarn details. A swatch pattern will be sent out on 5/1.
  • Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced lace. It is strongly recommended that you be able to follow charts, though written directions will be included as well.
  • Cost: 8$ – click the “pay now” button below to sign up. Or, it is included in the Liturgical Year Pattern Series.
  • NEW: A free swatch is now available: click here to download. Use this to make sure your gauge is correct and that you have enough yarn, or use it to test-drive the pattern to see if it’s right for you.

    Recommended Yarn: “LP3″ (Cobweb Weight) by The Gossamer Web in color “Klingon Blood Wine” (1 skein)

    Other recommended cobweb yarns: “Angel” by The Natural Dye Studio, “1 Ply Cobweb” by Jamieson & Smith

    Recommended regular laceweight yarns: “Zephyr” by Jaggerspun, “Silky Alpaca Lace” by Classic Elite

*Don’t know whether your yarn is cobweb or lacweight? Knit a stockinette swatch (20 st. x 30 rows or so) and block it severely, like you would lace. The target gauge for cobweb is 7 st./in. If your gauge is larger than that, switch to a smaller needle, and make sure you have at least 1400 yards on hand.

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  2. […] So, it had been my hope to provide you with several essays leading up to the Pentecost celebration about what the holiday means, the symbolism involved in its celebrations, and the themes associated with it. I should have guessed that between the end of the semester and moving, it’d be a bit much for me. So instead, I give you this brief overview of all the themes I associate with Pentecost, which will provide a layout for the essays that will accompany the seven clues of the Pentecost Mystery Knit-Along. […]


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