Swatchfest 2012

So  now that it’s Easter season, I finally feel released to start some shameless and passionate advertising for the:

Pentecost Shawl Mystery Knit-Along!

 Mystery Knit-Alongs are more or less the most fun thing ever. The way it works is that you sign up to knit a pattern that sounds interesting, but that no one has ever knit before. Ahead of time you get info on what yarn and needles to use, and maybe instructions for a swatch. Then the fun starts. Every week or two for the proscribed period of time, you receive a “clue,” which is the next bit of the pattern.

This KAL, which starts on Pentecost (May 27th), is all about the fire. It’s going to be a veritable sampler of different ways to knit fire, in a direction that I bet you can’t guess. I hope it’s surprising – I get an inordinate amount of pleasure out of being surprising. For more details, like dates, yarn, needles, gauge, how to sign up, etc., click these words.

I knit the swatch on our trip, trying existing flamey patterns and inventing new ones. I might have gone a little overboard. When we got home, I decided to block it on the back of the couch – and it took its entire 7-foot length. I’ve test knit over a quarter of the shawl proper, and I’ve only just used up the yarn that was first used in the swatch.

Taking an interesting  picture of a swatch without giving much away, but I’ve managed. Don’t look too hard, but even if you did, not much will be given away, since I ended up chucking half the patterns I knit. There is so much more to come.

The ravelry advertising I’ve started is a little pretentious… I’m justifying it on the grounds that the main mystery of Pentecost is not anything I’ve come up with. What I really want to do is dig more deeply into the many mysteries surrounding the event of Pentecost, the nature of the church, and the work of the Holy Spirit as interpreted through history and across the spectrum of currently Christian tradition. Knitting a fun shawl is a great excuse to do that communally.

So if you are into it, click the link! Sign it up! Spread the word! And stay tuned, because more reflections on Pentecost are on the way.

3 thoughts on “Swatchfest 2012

  1. I am going to take the plunge and do this. May take me longer than the KAL! But, I do have some yarns in my stash that may be able to use. As long as there are no beads I should be fine. Will finish up my few test knits in the next month.


  2. Thank you! I am going to do two shawls this year. well this summer. yours and shipwreck shawl. I ordered the beads for that one today and plan to take the yarn to the bead shop and find out which beading needle will allow me to thread the yarn and get those suckers on the yarn with the needle. Should be really pretty! I have some green deep deep green zephyr yarn for this one. I think I have enough of it.


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