Sneak Peek: Christmas Mittens

The first sample of Christmas mittens is finished, and I thought you might like a look at the glory contained therein. So here’s a sneak preview of “The Holly and the Ivy,” due out 12/25.

The Ivy’s on the top; the Holly’s on the bottom. Cute, eh? I’m tickled pink with how they turned out.

These are made with Osborn Fiber Studio’s naturally dyed Merino/Nylon Sock Yarn, and I’ll be making kits available in the brown colorway shown above, and a red colorway which will be test knit as soon as I can get the freshly pokeberry-dyed scarlet yarn (below) into Gale’s hands.

To celebrate this new pattern, and the fact that I finally got through the body of the Fair Isle Sweater of Doom, I’m going to post a series I’ve been meaning to do for a long time about fair isle knitting. It’ll start, rather unconventionally, with a video on my particular way of holding yarn. That isn’t really about fair isle, but it’s something else I’ve been meaning to do.

This is also leading up to October 1st, when sign-ups for the Advent knit-along open to the general public! Meanwhile I’m working on kits for multiple projects, etc…. So much fun and excitement, it might give me a hernia. A hernia of fun!

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