How to get me to spin

Through force of will and self-control, I finally got myself to the point where pretty much all of my knitting projects are “work” projects. This seemed like a good way to make some serious headway on them. The end result?

I’ve been spinning.

I worked with the endless green project that was on my wheel, spinning up the rest of the bumps I had in front of me. Then this weird thing happened. When it was gone, I couldn’t find anymore.

I checked all the spots I usually keep roving, and the green roving was gone. Could it be that I’ve spun all of it? All 1.5 lbs of it? I found an extra bobbin of spindles that I didn’t know I’d misplaced (!!!) but no roving. So I plied it all up, counted it on the niddy noddy, and examined the total collection to see where I stood.

Grand total? Over 1600 yards of DK-weight 3-ply. Way more than enough for what I want to make it into. (I will have to do some serious swatching; I have no idea if this sort of handspun will look good in fancy cabling.)

When I compare the last skein (left) to the first skein (right), the differences are pretty striking. The first yarn, spun on my little Doris, is much more even. This makes sense, since I was doing the worsted spinning I’d always done with her, and at which I’m very consistent. For the remainder (about 2/3), spun on Blondie, I was experimenting with high speeds and a semi-supported woolen type draft that meant I was much more inconsistent, but much faster.

Then, of course, there’s the color. When doing a big spinning job on a hand-dyed roving, what you should really do is spin all your singles first, then match up bobbins of singles out of all available so you can get a more consistent result. I love plying, and this was taking forever, so I refused to do this. Which is why half the skeins look like greenish mustard, and the other like mustardy sage.

I can kill two birds with one stone, though, by knitting with this yarn the same way way as one should knit with any hand-dyed yarn – mix ’em up, switching every couple of rows. Or, I could make a gradiant of color. Either way, it’ll be ages before I have time to knit with it, so for now it’ll sit pretty in my growing little collection of handspun.


2 thoughts on “How to get me to spin

  1. Congratulations!!! It looks terrific… finally spun something bigger than lace…..I guess if you put enough plies together, you can have any thickness you want. Which leads to the fact that you have 800 yards of heavy worsted if you hold 2 strands together! (I’m ducking…don’t throw anything valuable at me…..)


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