Oh right, June.

This day, the 27th of June, is the first day you’ve seen June’s socks. This is at least partially because I didn’t start these socks until around June 18th. In a lame attempt to make up for their relative invisibility, yesterday I took pictures of the sadly still singular June Sock all over town.

Outside the doors of Church of the Ascension in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh,

They came to lunch at a great little Italian place in the Strip District, where they exulted over the pineapple crochet on our table,

They came to the new house and helped us pick paint for the living room,

And they watched the sunset with me from the office, from whence we have an excellent westward view.

Will I finish this sock, and provide it with a mate, by midnight on Thursday? The signs are not good.

2 thoughts on “Oh right, June.

  1. This sock’s mate: a new home.
    Next month, the matching sock will also have home grown veggies.
    Hugs from Mum, who NEVER wants you to stress over even the most wonderful goals.
    But don’t watch me; I’m not a good role model. Other than happily stating I have slept reasonably well these past 2 weeks before the VBS workshop, I HAVE stressed!!!


  2. Wow! I am surprised you made an attempt as that class was kicking butt! Do not stress yourself out more than you need to! Getting ready to send you an email and well the shawl is looking great!


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