So…. It’s not June anymore. But my June socks still look like this:

There’s no getting around it; I really didn’t make it this time. And it’s not because I didn’t have enough knitting time, or because a single thing went wrong in the knitting or the pattern. It wasn’t even because I don’t like them – a dozen things charm me about these socks, which I’ll go into when they’re finished and I review them.

I didn’t finish them because I didn’t really care about them.

Don’t tell them – I don’t want to give them a complex. It wasn’t their fault; I just made a strategic error in selecting them. I picked this pattern for June because, 2/3s of the way through the month, I was still crazy busy and wanted to start them before too much time went by. So I selected the simplest pair remaining in the book (“Country Socks” from Nancy Bush’s Folk Socks). The problem is, I had several other fairly boring projects on the needles, getting me through the craziness. So as soon as the crazy busy time ended – two days after the socks were started – my give-a-darn dropped to epically low levels. When you have whole days to yourself to knit on whatever you want, you’re likely to reach for complicated lace or new design projects… not a sock in glorified ribbing, just complicated enough that I can’t really do it while reading.

I don’t feel that bad though, and I think that means I’m growing as a person. I’m really pouring on the sauce, trying to finish them before too much of July has gone by, so I have the will for another pair this month.

Something with a little more… punch. You know.

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