New yarn, Sale yarn, Custom yarn

Finally! I know it has been an interminably long wait, but at long last the OFS yarn store is back online. The yarn has been re-acquired, inventoried, re-inventoried, and the pages have been updated, spruced up, and double checked. Almost nothing sold out at Sheep & Wool, so you have a full selection at your disposal.

To celebrate, I’m having a little sale.

The base that I used for the original OFS sock yarn, lovingly named “My Backyard Sock,” is lovely stuff. However, its run has come to an end, and I am discontinuing it to make room for the new sock/fingering yarns dyed on Kraemer’s bases. I would like to clear out the last of it, and give it a good send-off, so until it is gone I am discounting it to $19.00. Enjoy it while it lasts; I have enjoyed working with it!

But be sure to check out the other pages as well; there are several new colors, some of which I never even got around to posting here.

I’m also instituting a custom dyelot system: If you see that there’s a color we dye that doesn’t come in the yarn you want, or if there’s insufficient quantity of a color you want, we will dye a custom lot for you at no extra charge. Some colors are, of course, dependent on season, but if you just shoot me an email and let me know what you want we can give you a time estimate.

Happy knitting!

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