Much of the 15 or so hours spent in the car last week was spent doing garter stitch while reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire aloud to my spouse. But when he could do without listening to the kerfuffle surrounding the Quidditch World Cup, I cranked out clue 5 of In Dreams.

This clue still had a ton of beads, but it’s so much more satisfying putting fewer beads every row. The row that included 72 beads took about an hour, and without any beads, I can do two rows in about 20 minutes. So you can imagine how much more quickly this clue zipped along, and you can really see the swoopy leafy shapes that were inspired by Galadriel’s crown.

I remain unconvinced about those big beaded kites swallowing so much of the surface area. I mean, the fabric is gorgeous; don’t get me wrong:

But the shawl as a whole really going to look good, or just… odd? I can’t tell, and the suspense is driving me wild. Or, if not wild, it’s driven me to get a quarter into the 6th clue (mercifully beadless) in about a day.

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