OFS Yarn store Closed for Sheep & Wool

With the Maryland Sheep & Wool fest coming up in less than two weeks (excuse me while I breathe into a paper bag for a few moments), I’m having to shut down the store for a bit. Sorry this is so sudden. Due to a major miscalculation on my part, I ended up with 4 days to finish dyeing when I thought I had two more weeks, so the house has been in a whirlwind of wet wool and me talking to myself. I meant to give you more warning, but the date snuck up on me, and now the yarns are no longer in my possession, so I can’t really sell them to you.

HOWEVER, when the yarn comes back in May, there will be new colors in all our lines, including a bunch of new colors in my (still unnamed) 2 new sock bases. I’ll preview a few of them over the next couple of weeks, so you are enticed to come visit the Cloverhill booth. (Over on the Cloverhill blog, Jolene is previewing some of the awesome indie stuff they’ll have there…. it should be a party. I really don’t intend to spend my hard earned moolah anywhere else.)

In other news, I am knitting again. In the 36 hours since I picked up yarn and needles, I’ve already had to rip out 2 cast ons and 1/4 a fair isle hat. Apparently my knitting missed me too, and it’s being a little vindictive about it.

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