Mum’s Box of Candies

A huge thanks to our writers for this week: Meg, Mike, & Jared poured their hearts into those meditations on Christ for this week. It seems a bit like conversational whiplash to go from their essays more talk about yarn, but I have an update or two that will wait no longer.

You haven’t heard from my lovely mommy in a while, but it isn’t because she hasn’t been working hard. In fact, she’s been doing more than I can keep up with posting about! I have all of Kirby Woolpaca in my possession now, so there are new pics on the store page, as color-accurate as I can get them. Not to mention that mum knit up little swatchies, so you can see for yourself just how long the repeats are, and how beautifully the colors blend together. And it’s all right here, in my office, ready to go to happy knitterly homes.

But wait! I didn’t interrupt your spiritual flow of thought just to tell you about our latest marketing updates. Mum has dreamed up some brand-spankin’ NEW COLORS to tempt you from your Lenten yarn fast. (You know we don’t really want to tempt you, right? If you’re on a yarn fast, order on Easter…)

The first is Indian Summer, in which Mum played around mixing the variations of green, yellow, and blue you can get with Turmeric and Black Beans with the gentle earthiness of Black Walnut’s brown. It evokes early spring to me, as I desperately long for some sunshine and leafy trees to overcome the brown we’ve been looking at all winter.

Indian Summer: 19 Available

The second is Mum’s take on Sprout Sage. I’d done some playing around, trying to get green out of Black Beans and Turmeric, to varying success, but I think Mom really nailed it. It’s the sort of mature green that, depending on what you wore it with, could go either toward spring or fall. 

Sprout Sage: 9 Available

I can’t wait to get these yarns on my needles. There are a couple of sweater designs bubbling around in my head just waiting to be realized in this yarn, not to mention a hat pattern that just needs another test knit (any volunteers?). But you don’t have to wait for my knitting fast to be done – The Kirby Woolpaca Store is awaiting your patronage. Because who can resist a box of treats like this?

P.S. Thank you for all the birthday wishes on the Ravelry group yesterday!

One thought on “Mum’s Box of Candies

  1. Thank you! And now there’s a beautiful golden yellow semi-solid to complete the color wheel! Look for pictures soon!


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