March Mischeif

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post series to bring you an update on another blog post series – that is, my self-imposed sock club knitting through Nancy Bush’s Folk Socks. If you’re just tuning into this wobsite, I’ve been at this since last June, knitting a pair a month in no particular order, and am on track to get through the book by Christmas. During crazy seasons like this one, with the Lenten KAL taking up gobs of time and mental energy, I’ve started to wonder if this was a good idea. But knitting is the one area where I’ve committed to combat my normal flightiness. (Not accidentally, it is also the one area where it doesn’t matter at all.) So I’m going to see this through.

This begged the question: since I am giving up knitting for Lent, how could I stay on track when I only had eight knitting days in March and seven in April?

Easy: pick the two shortest sock patterns in the book. For March, I chose the “Lithuanian Amber Socks,” whose remarkably short legs and dk-weight gauge meant that I cranked out this pair in three days without really working that hard. (Hate me if you want, but you can do it too.)

Pattern Review: I have no complaints about this gorgeous pattern, except one – when I cast on the recommended number of stitches, they would not have fit a ten-year-old. I suspect the originals might have been knitted in worsted weight yarn, though my gauge was correct. However, I increased the stitch count to 52 and had no trouble adapting; you can easily change the pattern to fit any multiple of 4. This pair is for a friend who enjoys hiking, and whose love of natural earth-tones makes my own love affair with brown and olive green look like a fall fling. I fully intend to turn around and crank out another pair in the opposite colors for her similarly-opinioned husband.

Yarn Review: Since these were intended for new friends of whose relationship with knitwear I am unsure, and since I picture them wearing these inside of hiking boots, I magnanimously made these out of a yarn that I expect will be highly washable. Berroco’s Vintage DK, a 50/50 wool/acrylic blend, is the latest addition to the Vintage line, Berroco’s answer to Plymouth Yarn’s ancient and ubiquitous Encore. I love the heathered palette, and I lurve the price. I will easily get two pairs of socks out these two contrasting colors, and how could you possibly beat getting two pairs of socks for 14$??

I love these little socks. I love how they knit up like the wind. I love how every stage is different, and thus not boring, but how the fair isle is mindless enough that I can do it while reading. I love the little stripey heels. I love how the ribbing bulges a little as it sprouts from the smooth leg.

I am a little worried about how the fair isle will hold up in the wash, as I’ve never put fair isle through the wash. Ever.

But if they ruin them… I can make another two pair in a week. (Though if they ruin them more than once, I might have to keep any more new ones to myself.)

(p.s. perching on a windowsill is kind of difficult. But don’t socks look so much more fun when one is perching on something?)

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