Handmade with HTML

Osborn Fiber Studio is growing…. a new dyer, new yarns, new bases, new suppliers, new patterns, and a ton of things that exist only in the form of spreadsheets and emails being passed furtively back and forth between Mom and myself.

To fit with these changes, I am closing the OFS etsy store and moving it to our website. (If you want a longer narration of my reasons for this move, I’ll happily share, but I have this sneaking suspicion that you might not actually care.)

On the left sidebar, you will now notice that the neat little Etsy widget has been replaced by a more “rustic” assemblage that I’ve hacked together out of good intuition and a bitter relationship with HTML. I’ve tested it all, and IT WORKS! Click around over there and see what you think – feel free to point out any inconsistencies or missing information. Hopefully you will get used to plain text and won’t miss the slick stylings of the old store. The yarn is just as wonderful as before.

There’s also a special word you will probably notice on the left: the word SALE.

To make room for the forthcoming worsted yarn that Mom is dyeing up in a storm of activity, I am DISCONTINUING my Second Chance Worsted yarn. I’ve also reduced the price by 1/3, because I would like it to clear out fairly quickly. It’s lovely stuff, nice to work with and very warm, but it’s difficult to make presentable in skeins. The crimp comes out just fine with a little blocking, but oh well.

I personally am reduced to a state of retail frenzy when I hear the two words “discontinued” and “sale” together, and I am hoping they will have the same effect on you. (Sorry for all the caps and bold types; I couldn’t help myself.)

All skeins are 100$ wool, 45 grams, 95 yards, $6.00. I’ve not put quantities on the page, in case it does go quickly and I can’t update it in time, but as of this moment: (edited 6:37 p.m. to update: I now DO have quantities on the Second Chance Worsted page. Those #s are the most up-to-date.)

3 skeins remain of Pokeberry Passion.

0 skeins remain of Pokeberry Purple: SOLD OUT

3 skeins remain of Black Walnut Brown.

8 skeins remain of Black Bean Blue.

1 skein would make an adult beanie, a child’s hat, or a small cowl; 2 skeins would make just about any complex adult hat or larger accessory like longer fingerless mitts; 3 would make a toddler-sized sweater, etc. Ravelry’s excellent search function is my go-to font of pattern ideas.

I’m not linking you in this blog post… I know you are competent to move your cursor over to the left and click around all by yourself. If you can’t figure something out, or if you find a problem, post a comment here or email me at osbornfiber at gmail dot com. (change the “at” to “@” and the “dot” to “.”) I do my best to respond within a few hours. The shipping situation is the same: I ship priority mail. If you know that you are going to see me soonish, you can choose the “store pickup” option that does not charge shipping. Have a nice day.

3 thoughts on “Handmade with HTML

  1. Wow! A sale! I LOVE the second chance yarn! It is super soft, very luxurious. I’ve got some in my stash! My red vest is made of that gorgeous stuff (earlier post) and it’s in some of the sweater for my mom. What a steal!

    As of now, I am re-skeining the worsted weight version of “Crayon Box!” It looks terrific! In addition I have completed 3 other colors, 2 colors of test yarns, and a half dozen more to come!


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