Store: My Backyard Sock Yarn – SALE

My Backyard Sock yarn is:

  • $19.00 – SALE (originally $22.00 – being discontinued)
  • Since these sock yarns are multi-colored, each listing includes a picture of the yarn before reskeining.
  • fingering weight
  • 4.4 oz.
  • 480 yards
  • 8 st./in in stockinette on US 1 or 2
  • 90% merino, 10% nylon.

Fallscape: Pokeberry red mixes with the green of turmeric-overdyed black bean to evoke the most cheerful of fall days.

$19.00 – 2 available


Black Walnut Brown Sock Yarn: Different immersion times and heats created the different shades of rich natural brown in these skeins. Medium-length color repeats (see bottom picture) mean that the colors will pool in a spiraling fashion around an average-sized sock leg. $22.00 per skein.

$19.00 – 1 available


Black Bean Blue. Superwash Sock soaks up the maximum saturation of succulent sky sapphires for a spectacular semisolid. Long color repeats (see pre-reskeined pic below) make for alternating rows of light and dark on an average woman’s sock.

$19.00 – 2 available


Pokeberry Blend. Different saturations and levels of heat bring out different colors from the same material: Pokeberries. Medium-length color repeats mean that this beauty will spiral nicely up the leg of an average woman’s sock.

$19.00 – 3 available

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