There is a wire

And I am coming down to it.

I think it is in keeping with “Sock Yarn Week” to take a day to winge a little bit about my poor January socks. This is where they were on Friday:

2/3 of the way through the month and I hadn’t even turned the heel. Appalling. But nowhere near as appalling as the little test I did when I finished the first sock, wondering why the ball of remaining yarn felt a little light…

The sock: 2.3 oz.

The remaining yarn (with 2 needles to balance the 2 needles still stuck in the other sock): 2.1 oz.

This is not good.

it’s waaay too late for me to rip out the foot of the first sock to make the leg shorter. And that might not even work because of the location of the calf decreases… meaning that if I want to fix this without acquiring more yarn, I’d have to start from scratch. Deadline or no deadline, I do not have the willpower to do that.

So I am in a bad spot. The yarn is too pretty, I feel, to make the toes black or something. I found a shade of baby cashmerino that is close, but these are supposed to be a gift, so I don’t want the fix to be lame. I’ve started ravelry-messaging everyone I can find who has made something with this yarn lately or who has a fractional amount of the yarn left, but apparently it’s not that common in the states. I am seriously thinking about just buying another skein of the stuff. Dyelot? What dyelot? I didn’t keep the tag, and I don’t care – I just want .3 oz of Colinette Jitterbug in 159/Morello Mash! So little to ask, yet so far away…

I am halfway down the leg of the second sock, doggedly continuing despite adversity, but I am starting to accept that these socks might not be whole at the end of January.

2 thoughts on “There is a wire

  1. Wow! Ummm I am almost done the second sock and since we are iced/snowed in for the next day or so I am planning on trying to finish the sucker by the end of the weekend. We have not had a snowplow come by yet. Husband burned himself out trying to shovel the snow which is heavy and compacted with a sheet of ice under and in the middle of it. I hired a guy to finish it for us. We might need to talk to him about doing it every time the snow gets above 5 inches.


  2. They are beautiful socks! Could you use the other yarn that is close and red-do the 2nd sock doing alternate rows of the two yarns? Maybe then it would blend in. Give yourself February to finish this project! It was a 2-month sock! šŸ™‚
    Or start February’s sock, (a short, simple one) and finish the red ones at the end of Feb. once you get the right yarn color….then you’ll be caught up!


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