Cowl Fail

So my Rivendell Smoke Ring in my very own gradiance yarn was clipping along nicely. (Forgive the crappy pictures. It’s early, I’m tired, and I’ve spent the last hour lying in bed trying to figure out how to build myself a swift out of K’Nex.)

The second ball blended into the first beautifully, and my hopes were high, though I knew the third ball would really define whether this was going to work. Just like in math class, you aren’t supposed to assume your equation makes a straight line until you test it on three points, I knew it would take three balls to see if it was going to fade properly.

About a quarter through the third ball, my hopes were dashed, though not for the reason I expected.

After a few rows. I noticed the third ball was pooling horribly. “Pooling” is a phenomena of hand-dyed multi-colored yarns – should your rounds or rows be exactly the right length that colors line up, it makes a “pool,” which is usually undesirable. Those big blobs of blue and brown towards the top of the work are pools. It can be cured, at least on projects in the round, but working around on a different number of stitches so they don’t line up anymore, or by getting over it.

I can often get over it, but this time it serves to completely ruin the graded effect. And there’s no fixing it – I truly can’t change the circumference mid-project on this one, and I can’t quite bring myself to pull it all out and knit it all over again a little wider.

I am not having a good week in knitting, let me tell you.

Still, all hope is not lost. I will have to rip out this ball and not use it at all in this project (though it won’t be discarded; thankfully I know lots of small people who look good in brown and blue), but I can just use a little more of the 2nd, 4th, and 5th balls. I have enough, I think. And if not, I can always throw a hissy fit and eat it. *shrug.*

3 thoughts on “Cowl Fail

  1. That looks really cool….a lovely pattern. I hope you do use the graduated yarn for something because it’s really pretty. Well done on the dying.
    I’m not having a good week with knitting either. I decided to start all over on the test pattern, now that I understand everything well…..and I haven’t had much time to knit at all…..during home school lessons or any other time! Sniff. I’m planning to change that right now!!


  2. 24 hours later: I knit off and on all day, and finished 4 1/2 inches of test square! I’ve got it! This gives me hope to finish other squares quicker…..I’m not an experienced texture knitter so this is a GREAT way to grow that skill. 🙂


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