I’m Alive

And I’m done.

Final paper, ready for editing, seen here with the obligatory glass of editing liquid. 18-page paper for Anglican way merited the dry sherry. (I don’t think the alcohol affects the quality of the paper, but it helps with the second-guessing… so when I turn it in I am happy instead of trapped in self-doubt.)

In the past three weeks I have:

– Knit 10 things (8 of which are pairs of things, so it’s really like 18 things).

– Written 69 pages of material (33 of which are “real” papers, the rest of which are outlines, projects, essay questions, etc.)

– Cooked… three times (Twice if you don’t count those breakfast sandwiches that took five minutes)

– Blogged… four times (But you don’t need me to tell you that)

– Read over 300 pages (That’s not that impressive. Why are you bothering?)

– What? (Seriously. Give it a rest. We all know you have no content, and that’s why you’re doing this dumb list. It’s not that impressive.)

We? Aren’t you my parenthetical comment? (I let you think that most of the time.)

– I thought the point of alcohol was to reduce self-doubt. (You should really just admit you have a problem.)

– Look who’s talking little miss stuck-in-parentheses. (What makes you think I’m female?)

– …. (Heheh. Gotcha. Of course I’m female; I’m your brain.)

– Thanks, I have enough issues. (Tell me about it.)

– Okay, I’m going to bed. (Don’t let the bedbugs bite.)


(So… anyone know any jokes?)

5 thoughts on “I’m Alive

  1. Well at least it is all done. And yes the drinking does reduce self doubt. Thanks for the laugh I needed it.

    ps. how does ones husband go to the store for you and forget to get the only thing I asked him to get…..


  2. Bethany’s lastest cute joke:
    When’s the best time to give a gift?
    The Present!

    Mom’s lastest stupid joke:
    What did the lonely branch say to another branch?
    Wanna stick around?

    Such is the life with a 4th grader.
    Well done, Rebecca!!!!!!


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