Le pieds de resistance

I don’t speak a lick of French, so I feel pretty clever in attempting a French pun, but feel free to smack me down if I’ve said something marvelously inappropriate. It was worth the risk, because here it is Sept. 22nd, and le Chausettes de Dentille are fini.

They are cute, and wonder of wonders, they fit my lil’ feet. The legs are a big, but the interesting lace stitch – some kind of hybrid between feather-and-fan lace, garter stitch, and jaywalker-type diagonal construction gave them a surprising amount of structure. In other words, they stand up on their own over my twiggy ankles.

Yarn review: Jojoland “Melody” is as lovely and soft as its laceweight counterpart; the subtle, marled, self-striping color changes add interest but do not at all distract from textured stitches. The stripes do not match, and I like that – which is good, because the striping is unpredictable, so there’s not a darn thing I could have done to change it.

Pattern review: The lace pattern was quick, easy-to memorize, and just a little bit entertaining – perfect in-class knitting. The heel and toe were standard; many other pairs in Folk Socks by Nancy Bush have more unusual constructions, but this is not one of them.

Chapstick shown for size reference.
US 000 double points. 1.5 mm thick. Chapstick shown for size reference.

The pattern calls for 1.5 mm (US 000) needles, but I discovered that path is not for me. Thankfully, the pattern adapts very easily to fingering weight on 2.5 mm (US 1.5) needles, and I described a couple days ago how I did it. I love how knitting connects me in a tactile, experiential fashion with my past, and I honestly do wish I could stand with my long-past mothers and fathers who regularly completed socks on needles as small as 1 mm (in cotton, no less). But, at this point in the life of my sensitive wrists and strained eyes, I would rather impale my leg on one of those pointy little horrors than knit with them.

So, on the bright side, I have a brand new set of adorably funky shawl pins.

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